Tree Removal Durham NC

Tree Removal Process in Durham

Whether you want to remove a dead plant or replant a new tree, it is necessary to remove it carefully. Otherwise, it would be a hazard when the tree falls on your house, electrical line, or even living people. For these reasons, these tasks should be done by a professional service with the right tools and knowledge. Below are some basic things you need to know about a tree removal process.

Why should you remove a tree?

Planting trees is a long process that lasts years or decades. However, there are many situations when we need to cut down a tree to ensure safety or overall landscape in the garden. The most common reasons for a tree removal service might be because the tree is unhealthy, dead, or damaged due to a storm, insects, or diseases. Also, you need to do this during a new building or renovation project in which some structures will be expanded. Regardless of the cases, do not perform these tasks on your own to prevent some possible accidents. Instead, it is better to hire a professional service to ensure safety.

When should you hire a professional tree removal service?

Tree removal is not just a simple process in which you cut down some branches and the trunk. In fact, it would involve a lot of local laws and steps that require proper knowledge and skills. A reliable commercial firm would understand the codes and guide you in the whole procedure. Keep in mind that there are times when it is better to let an experienced expert do the job to ensure safety and prevent possible damages to your property. Make sure to hire a professional when:

  • The tree is damaged by disease or insects
  • The tree is too tall and large (over 20 feet in height and 5 inches in radius)
  • The tree is located near utility lines or your home
  • You need to climb

What does a tree removal service do?

Trees are often taller than we expect. Therefore, they would reach further on the ground. During the process of measuring the felling zone, it is important to figure out the location where the plant would fall. With the right techniques and tools, our experts would determine exactly where the tree would fall, thus taking the necessary steps to ensure safety. However, keep in mind that this is just an estimate. This means you should allow for extra space for miscalculation.

Even when you are sure which direction the plant will fall after being cut, there are still a few things we need to prepare. Any bush or shrub around the area must be removed and cleared so that there are at least two routes for escaping on the sides where the tree does not fall. Ideally, these routes should be around 45 degrees in the opposite direction from each other. By doing this, we will have enough space to run or walk away when the tree is falling.

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