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Properly pruned hedge and shrub can live longer and look more beautiful. While many people often do these tasks themselves, it is not that easy since there are many techniques and knowledge involved in the process. In some cases, a few simple mistakes would ruin the whole landscape on your property. If you are a beginner and don’t know where to start, below are a few cases when you should hire a tree service company.

1. Unwanted growth

The most common reason for trimming or cutting a plant is to prevent it from overgrowing or developing in an unwanted way. Sometimes, your tree would develop some branches in a bad place where they would intervene in the power lines or roofing system. This would lead to some dangerous situations and accidents in the future. Therefore, it is better to have them cut by a professional service.

2. Diseased or dead branches

Ideally, tree trimming should be done regularly to remove all dead or diseased branches. Otherwise, they would sag under the weight and increase the risk of falling. Also, pests and bugs from these units would spread to other parts of the plants and affect their overall growth. A professional contractor will help you get rid of any unwanted branches and promote better growth.

3. Home renovation

When you want to expand your living space or build an outdoor deck, it is necessary to remove a tree from the construction site or trim some branches that reach the working area. However, it is not recommended to do it yourself to avoid life-threatening accidents. Make sure to hire a professional service to check the local codes and plan properly.

4. Improve curb appeal

After a few months of spring, trees and plants would grow excessively out of your control. To ensure the overall landscape and prevent mess, it is important to trim them properly. By removing unnecessary branches, parts, and components, your garden will look more beautiful and gorgeous.

When is the right time to trim your plants?

Professional contractors never trim plants early in spring as the trees would be weakened when they leaf out. Instead, late summer is the best time for this task. Pruning for form and structure should be done once the leaves fall and make it easier to see the branches clearly. For clearance, we should prune when branches sag to the lowest point. This will save a lot of your efforts and prevent possible accidents when working from a high position.

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Shrub trimming should be done regularly to ensure your plants would grow well. Since these are not simple tasks, it is better to seek help from experienced experts. If you are looking for professional hedge trimming, landscaping, or shrub pruning services in Durham NC, then do not hesitate to call us at 919-907-3189. We are a bonded and licensed company that can provide a wide range of high-quality yet affordable landscaping services for both residential and commercial properties. Contact us now to get a free consultation and quotes.